YOU BY DESIGN is a fast-growing, luxurious aesthetic clinic based in Oakville. We are looking for a talented Nurse Practitioner or Nurse that is also an Injector of Cosmetic Injectables and Dermal Fillers. A great fit would be someone with formal training & experience who loves this Industry. The successful candidates will have managerial leadership ability, outstanding customer service, sales & marketing skills, as well as the knowledge to educate and give guidance to clients about skincare and associated products and procedures. This is a rewarding position for a motivated, educated, experienced individual.



  •  Administering injectable treatments for facial wrinkles and volumizing using dermal fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm, Voluma, Botox, and other well-known products

  • Have an excellent standard of service and maintain protocols

  • Administer cosmetic laser therapies in a professional/clinical atmosphere

  • Perform skin analysis and evaluation on clients

  • Develop a specific treatment plan for clients and ongoing follow-up

  • Educate patients on products to enhance their procedures

  • Ensure patients’ safety and comfort

  • Assist with scheduling of patients’ treatments

  • Maintain supplies and equipment for treatments, including equipment sterilization

  • Attend team meetings, promotional events, and seminars

  • Develop an appropriate treatment plan based on the client consultations

  • Ensure safety of clients at all times when performing treatments

  • Professional appearance reflecting the Industry

  • Accurate charting and clinical documentation of each client

  • Recommends various spa treatments, skin regimens based on client consultations


  • The experienced injector of Botox and Dermal Fillers (NP with a client base preferred)

  • Possesses experience with laser technologies (Laser license a plus but not required)

  • Minimum 3 years aesthetic experience preferred

  • Med Spa, Physician Office, Dermatology or Plastic Surgeon industry experience is required

  • Experience with private label skincare is a plus

  • Must be a Nurse Practitioner/Nurse in good standing with ONA

  • Loves the Industry and working with people

  • Knowledgeable of various Med Spa services and skincare

  • Must maintain yearly continued education and stay current on product lines & services


This job requires connecting with people quickly in an outgoing, friendly manner. The use of persuasive communication skills to gain the interest and involvement of others in the work process is an important aspect of the job. Getting work done in full, accurate detail and in accordance with company standards and policies is imperative. The motivation for this position comes from a strong sense of duty and a feeling of responsibility for completing work both quickly and correctly. A faster than average work pace is necessary combined with impatience for results. Follow-up of delegated work must be very thorough. Decision making will be done with the ideas and advice of others, but always carefully and cautiously within the guidelines of established company policy. Selling ideas to others and the ability to train, teach and motivate a team are strong aspects of this position. Change is an ongoing occurrence of this job and will be approached conservatively and with the support and guidance of management.



  • Faster than average pace A changing environment, but guidelines and support will be provided for tasks outside of specific job area

  • Focus

  • Very detail-oriented Efficiency is of utmost importance

  • Decision-Making

  • Careful, conservative, and by the book, being careful to avoid mistakes

  • Communication and Collaboration

  • Will involve the team throughout the whole work process Communication will be friendly and persuasive Will project enthusiasm and promote team participation